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November 2017
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  • Kareem Bounces A Cultural Rant Off The Rim
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who should have stuck to basking in his glory as a basketball player and dreading cross-country air flights, is now a columnist for TIME. He has written a ludicrous column that essentially accuses whites of profiting from the adaptation of trends spawned by black people.
  • Hoping That Newspapers Don't Give Up the Good Fight
    On Monday, "The New York Times" ran something of a rant in the business section about the impact of social media on quality journalism, saying in part: "[a]s more readers move toward online social networks, and as publishers desperately seek scale to bring in revenue, many [newspapers] have deplored a race toward repetitive, trivial journalism, […]
  • Ad Blocking As A National Sport
    Word is that 198 million people around the world now use digital ad-blocking tools, at a cost to advertisers of $21.8 billion in lost revenue. Still, I would like to see how these numbers compare to "loss of income" in other media from folks who avoid those ads.
  • Guess I Will Never Know If You Can Hear Me Now
    Amusingly, I got an email (not a phone call) from a friend pointing to a study that said, among other things, that 32% of mobile users would rather text you than talk to you.