Modern Motion Media can be served as a sugar

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Modern Motion Media can be served as a sugar

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  In this world of designing, Motion graphics is the new entry. Despite being new entry stuff, its influences have been appreciated by many professionals and they termed this Motion Graphics as one of the best solutions for media issues.  In today’s world Media behaves as an important chapter of information and awareness. Media includes sources like TV, radio, newspaper, social media stuff and much more. In motion Graphics, the graphics appear to be in a motion, despite being steady in real. The addition of commercial applications of animation on a graphic can relate it to Motion Graphics. And if we will relate Motion Graphics with Media, then we can say that we are talking about Motion Media. These Motion Graphics are mainly used with audio for its clarity. For more information one can go through: Seattle Video Production

Features of Motion Media:-

Motion Media is virally spreading all over the media world. Through this, you can create a story just from a graphic by adding some animated effects to it, revealing the story in a motion. This can be also termed as Mass Media, as a mass will be affected with this version of media.

  • It communicates the message to large, anonymous and heterogeneous audiences.
  • It can be considered as a formal authoritative channel of communication.
  • Facilitates the dual sense stimulation as both ‘sight’ and ‘hearing’ senses are used at a single time. This double-barreled combination of dual-sense seems to be very powerful.
  • It contains status upon issues, social movements, persons, organizations etc.
  • It is instrumental in attitude modification that is – Change, Conservation, and canalization.

Different platforms of Motion Media:-

  • Films –
  1. Animation
  2. Short films
  3. Documentary films
  • Motion Media in TV –
  1. Commercial advertisements
  2. Melodrama
  3. Reality shows
  4. Game/ talk shows
  5. News
  • Interactive videos –
  1. “Conversational” Online Interactive Videos
  2. “Customizable” Online Interactive Videos.
  3. “Exploratory” Online Interactive Videos

Live streaming, Daily Motion, You Tube features interactive videos.

Some important advantages of the Motion Media:-

  • Users from different backgrounds can now discuss the topic after watching the video. Supports Commonality.
  • Appreciation of other cultures after watching their video. Culture Socialization.
  • Video tips for shaping personal and social attitudes. Learning Machine.
  • Open-Ended videos can enable users to solve their problems themselves. Problem Solver.
  • Processes where sequential movements are needed to show. Effective Process Planner.
  • It can give life to a stagnant image. Motion picture.


This is a special kind of technology-based strategy which facilitates sight, sound and movements. This is made available with TV, internet, Phones etc. This provides a safer and better observation of processes. It also promotes student-centered learning and distant learning technique. These are kind of videos which are like, the enhanced version of an image/graphic. The main need of this strategy arrives when you owe to show a story from a picture. You have to create the story in such a manner, that the picture can single-handedly show a story. This strategy has given a tremendous output in the field of Media.

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